Whither DWT?

Jari-Matti Mäkelä jmjmak at utu.fi.invalid
Thu May 4 17:59:41 PDT 2006

freeagle wrote:
> Daniel Keep wrote:
>> What is worse, what are you going to do about Vista?  When that comes
>> out, all your work on the XP skin has to be re-done from scratch.  And
>> even then, given that Vista uses all those transparency effects, will it
>> even be possible without a major rewrite?
> - actually, with a good design, it could be possible to add modify skins
> and themes with just a different set of images, maybe small code
> rewrite. Id never accept a toolkit that need to rewrite whole widget set
> for every available theme/skin it supports. About those transparency
> effects, OpenGL has alpha blending, so i dont see what major rewrites
> you are talking about. But i must say i havent tried vista yet, so im
> not even absolutely sure what transparency effects you are talking about.

AFAIK application windows in Vista have a < 50% alpha value and a lame
distortion effect on the window title bars by default. It's easy to do
these things in OpenGL. You can even create animated, multitextured
backgrounds with bump mapping without any greater problems - even with a
terrible widget set design.


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