Alternative approach for widgets...

Markus Koskimies markus at
Fri Nov 3 03:06:45 PST 2006

Well, I have not followed this discussion, so ignore this if you
have already covered these kinds of things / this is not something
you are looking for.

About a year or two ago I changed from C++ to D in my freetime
projects (like simulator in my Thesis about cellular computers).
When I was programming a sudoku puzzle generator, I wanted to
explore analytic sudoku solving (to understand, how to generate
easy/difficult puzzles) and I needed a GUI to be able to follow
the solution. So I get my old "application browser" concept from
naftaline, translated it to Java/Swing and named it JAB - of
course, it could be translated to e.g. D with Xlib, or any other
language and widget set.

Certainly, it's far from being ready for public, but that's the
way I got GUI to my D programs...

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