State of affairs

Pragma ericanderton at
Mon Oct 2 13:58:47 PDT 2006

Does anyone have any news or information about the current state of DWT? 
  It doesn't seem to have moved forward very far, and last I checked, 
there were sizable chunks of it unimplemented.

I'm shopping around for D-compatible windowing toolkits, and so far DFL 
is the only one that seems to be close to complete.  I'd love to have 
something that's portable outside of Win32, and MinWin seemed to fit the 
bill here - but Ben's site looks like it's down.  WxD has a restrictive 
license, and as was mentioned earlier, Harmonia is out for the count as 

Alternately, I may have to resort to looking at (*gulp*) C API for this 
instead. :(

- EricAnderton at yahoo

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