SWT tioported

Bradley Smith digitalmars-com at baysmith.com
Thu Apr 12 18:07:32 PDT 2007

Frank Benoit (keinfarbton) wrote:
> Serg Kovrov schrieb:
>> Frank Benoit (keinfarbton) wrote:
>>> For those, not reading the announce group....
>>> There was a new SWT port announced, generated with TioPort :)
>> I'm really impressed with Poseidon, and hope that new SWT port, that
>> TioPort provides, will breath life to it's development. The only thing I
>> really missed using D, is good IDE. You know, which can be used with
>> debugger, has intelisense, class browser, reference finder, etc.. My
>> ultimate wish is to get something like VisualStudio(with
>> VisualAssistant) for D.
> If you are interested in porting Poseidon, i am willing to help you. But
> i don't want to start this on my own.

I have SWT experience and could porting Poseidon, but my first attempt 
at using the TioPorted SWT gave compile errors. I posted the problem on 
the TioPort forums. See http://www.dsource.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2616.

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