next version of DWT?

torhu fake at address.dude
Sat Apr 28 13:13:42 PDT 2007

Frank Benoit wrote:
>> Do you mean to actually call it DWT, and do s/SWT/DWT/g on the source? I
>> don't see what would be gained by doing that.  DWT and Tioport's SWT are
>> not compatible, and I think it would be good to use different names for
>> them too.  I don't see why it can't be called SWT even if it's ported to
>> D.  The docs use SWT anyway.
> Yes, the pure name is not really an advantage.
> I am not sure in the moment, how to proceed with this project. Shall I ...
> 1. Stay with TioPort, and have SWT as a subproject?
> 2. make a project "Dejavu", that maintains all java derived sources and
> also D libs building on top of this code?
> 3. make a "SWT" (or use DWT?) project that only is for SWT?

Since other ports would probably depend on dejavu, it might make sense 
to keep that as part of the tioport project.  I guess you could create 
an 'swt' or 'dswt' project if you like, for separating the swt port from 
the rest.  The only strong opinion I have is that it shouldn't replace 
dwt, since it does things in a different way.

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