next version of DWT?

bobef adas at adasd.asdasd
Sat Apr 28 13:46:01 PDT 2007

I think SWT should not be called DWT, because this way you can just copy/paste java code and don't have to replace SWT with DWT.

I think it will be a good idea to make it more D oriented like DWT. I.e. char[] instead of String and

widget.handleEvent(data,delegate(Event e){
//this saves a lot of time and space

I still can't understand the rest of the question. Who cares if it is called DWT or SWT or where the project is placed if the port is more up to date and more usable than DWT? Oh and.... import dwt.all is nice too. It sucks if you have to import 20 lines with org.eclipse.blah.blah.200.characters... You got the point :)

Frank Benoit Wrote:

> bobef schrieb:
> > Could you please explain what you mean by "Would it be appreciated to 
> > make it the next version of DWT?" ?
> Shall SWT be moved to the DWT project?
> Shall it be called DWT?
> Shall it be the successor of the current DWT version?

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