next version of DWT?

BLS (Trutz Blanke Hans) nanali at
Sat Apr 28 14:07:25 PDT 2007

Frank Benoit Wrote:

> > Of course.
> > Probabely the Tango collection sources can be ported to phobos, so that a SWT user can use his prefered standard library  ? 
> > have a look at the TIOPORT Forum / Bobef s message.
> > Bjoern
> The ported SWT sources do not depend on tango. Only dejavu does.
> So it only needs /someone/ who does the reimplementation of dejavu with
> phobos. *blink*

Sorry about my ignorance, but I thought that Java SWT in general heavily depends on utils.collection and dejavu collection classes are just a thin wrapper using the Tango collection implementation ? Well, have to study the sources... 
However, regarding the *blinking* hint; Will you give me some support ?


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