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Marcin Kuszczak aarti at
Sun Apr 29 01:14:14 PDT 2007

Frank Benoit wrote:

> Frank Benoit schrieb:
>> Probably the char[] vs. String issue will go away.
>> I am working on it.
> With revision 324 it went away. Actually the SWT has helper methods for
> all public methods, that contain an String and/or array argument and/or
> return value.
> Those are marked with the starting "dh_" name, which stands for "D
> Helper".
> example: Button has now
> void setText( String str );
> void dh_setText( char[] str );

hmmm... underscore in API methods is a bit ugly...

Isn't it possible to make it in oposite way, so that original methods will
be prefixed and D Api will be clean?

Probably for original methods you could use prefix: 'swt'

SwtSetText(String str); (Probably nicer - it is possible that someone will
want to use also this signature)
swt_setText(String str);

and provide overloaded D methods:
void setText( char[] str );
void setText( wchar[] str );
void setText( dchar[] str );
void setText( String str ); //I mean here string from Tango. Maybe it usable
in this context?

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