next version of DWT?

Marcin Kuszczak aarti at
Sun Apr 29 04:10:58 PDT 2007

I would suggest using templates. Below (attachment) you can find test file
using templates.

Frank Benoit wrote:
> * in this case setText( "hello" ) will generate a conflict and you need
> to write setText( "hello"c ). This is also ugly.

See below example.

> * What to do, if it is the return value? I cannot provide several
> methods with only the return value changed.

See below example.

> * What to do, if there are more arguments. Shall i generate every
> variation? I think there should be only one D-friendly argument
> replacement.

I would make just one signature for every array type. It is natural and with
templates - no problem.

void set(char[] a, char[] b, char[] c); // yes
void set(wchar[] a, wchar[] b, wchar[] c); // yes
void set(dchar[] a, dchar[] b, dchar[] c); // yes

//no - and also no for other combinations
void set(char[] a, wchar[] b, dchar[] c); 

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