dstring - was Re: next version of DWT?

Chris Miller chris at dprogramming.com
Sun Apr 29 09:22:30 PDT 2007

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 04:34:08 -0400, Marcin Kuszczak <aarti at interia.pl>  

> For me below implementation is close to perfect. Only problem is that it
> reduces maximal length of string.
> http://www.dprogramming.com/dstring.php

Is this limitation really a problem for some of your code? I thought it  
was still big enough, with room to spare. I don't recall ever having a  
string of over 1_073_741_824 characters. Also, for a 64-bit program, the  
limit is raised considerably, to thousands of terabytes (and  
string.MAX_LENGTH will reflect this automatically).

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