DWT Dead?

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at igesund.net
Sat Feb 24 03:28:32 PST 2007

Anders F Björklund wrote:

> John Reimer wrote:
>> The original DWT is pretty much dead... but not the one Frank Benoit is
>> working on in parallel with his Java->D translator.  It seems that quite
>> a
>> bit of progress has been going on there.  Just check out the tioport
>> project at dsource.org to see the almost complete conversion of SWT Linux
>> for D.
> So will Tioport now replace DWT, as the standard GUI library for DMD ?
> (the goals of the two projects look similar enough, port SWT over to D)

I have a feeling that the goal of a standard GUI (at least by the route
followed by DWT) is moot. I think a GUI library only can be standard now by
it becoming so popular that everyone use it. D and Java are so different in
how they operate, that a big standard GUI library will be very far from
what is wanted/needed in many D projects.

>> I believe there was also interest in using this project for a new port of
>> SWT on Win32.  Although, I believe that port needs several volunteers to
>> succeed.
> The D port of SWT on Carbon (for Mac OS X) also needs some volunteers.
> There was some work started on the original DWT, should be in SVN... ?

I believe the effort in question, is to port the JNI wrappers to D, as it is
very difficult (or impossible?) to do it automatically. The part of SWT
above this level is more or less platform independent.

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