DFL 0.9.5 and Entice Designer 0.8.1 release

Chris Miller chris at dprogramming.com
Sun Mar 4 22:09:10 PST 2007

A public release of DFL is finally here! Get it at  
DFL is a windowing toolkit with a very easy to use interface.

If you haven't looked at DFL in a while, now's a good time to check it out.
It's not quite 1.0 yet, but it's progressing slowly but surely.

The list of changes in DFL 0.9.5 is pretty long, but here's the skinny:
* New installer, which can compile DFL for you.
* Implemented scrolling.
* Full Unicode support.
* Added control ProgressBar.
* Added support for loading resources.
* Added class MemoryGraphics for working on graphics in memory.
* Partial support for automatic scaling.
* Added support for Tango.
* Updated dfl.exe to be more aware of versioning discrepancies.
* Many more examples were added as well.
* Many other updates and fixes.

Entice Designer also updated to 0.8.1 at  
Entice is a GUI builder for DFL.

Added the ability to copy and paste controls, and a few major bugs were  

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