Need help with a listener that moves a shell

torhu fake at address.dude
Sun Mar 11 07:07:59 PDT 2007

doob wrote:
> What I try to do is a listener that moves a shell by holding down the middle mouse button. I want this because I use the style DWT.NONE on the shell. I manged to do this in java and swt but the same code doesn't work as expected in d with dwt.

I don't know, but maybe you can try the forum.  You have to be 
registered at dsource, I think, to post.

Not many people are using dwt, since it seems to be a dead project. 
Your problem might be caused by a bug in dwt, to fix it you would have 
debug dwt yourself.

A new port is on the way here, currently only the linux version is 

Hope this helps.

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