Trouble compiling gtkD under linux with gdc

Ant duitoolkit at
Sat Mar 17 08:59:46 PDT 2007

Graham St Jack wrote:
> The script wouldn't work for me under Linux using gdc (gcc
> 4.1.2). I used the archive.
> The problems were:
> * The scripts weren't executable.
> * compd wasn't executable.
> * The scripts assumed that "." is on the search path
> * It only tried to use dmd (ie didn't try gdc as a fallback)
> Is there a fix coming along soon?

basically there is no 'official' way to compile gtkD yet.
That and packaging are the reasons gtkD hasn't been announced yet.
Those are tasks I don't find interesting and I can't get anybody to help.
I don't even have gdc installed (I should) and I don't remember people
reporting using gdc with gtkD.

to compile it I use my good old leds which uses compd, that's why
compd is part of the svn tree.


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