Trouble compiling gtkD under linux with gdc

Falk-Florian Henrich schreibmalwieder at
Mon Mar 19 05:35:57 PDT 2007

Am Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:52:28 +1030 schrieb Graham St Jack:

> The script wouldn't work for me under Linux using gdc (gcc
> 4.1.2). I used the archive.
> The problems were:
> * The scripts weren't executable.
> * compd wasn't executable.
> * The scripts assumed that "." is on the search path * It only tried to
> use dmd (ie didn't try gdc as a fallback)
> Is there a fix coming along soon?

I tried to install gtkD on linux x86_64 using gdc (currently, the only d 
compiler supporting 64 bit). After fixing the above problems, some new 
ones showed up:

1.) The compd tool tries to call dmd. So I linked gdmd to dmd.

2.) compd outputs stuff like
    but I don't have dmd installed in ~

3.) compd tries to link to phobos which is called gphobos under gdc

4.) When calling ar to create libgtkd.a, the following message appears:
    Not very informative, if you aren't accustomed to using "compd".

5.) The build process ignores the errors and continues.

6.) It finally stops with

dmd demos/gl/ShapesGL.d demos/gl/TrackBall.d   -odobj  -op  -Isrc:/root/
phobos    -c  -I/root/dmd/src/phobos

demos/gl/ShapesGL.d:31: module TrackBall cannot read file 'gl/TrackBall.d'

I really need some GUI lib for D and thought gtkD was a good choice. But 
given the above problems it is simply unusable (at least on linux 64 
bit). Why can't we just use *standard* tools? Why bother the users with 
an awkward build process that doesn't even know dependencies?

I would volunteer to write a Makefile/budfile/d build program/install 
script or something if someone could provide a precise explanation how 
the whole thing has to be built anyways.


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