Is this newsgroup dead?

Mike Parker aldacron71 at
Thu Oct 25 08:34:03 PDT 2007

Spacen Jasset wrote:
> negerns wrote:
>> Is anyone out there or is this newsgroup dead? :(
>> negerns
> Does anyone know what happened to dwt, it was looking good. The dsource 
> project site it like wandering though a battlefield. Half the projects 
> are dead and the other half are new recruits.

There are several old projects still alive and kicking on DSource, some 
of which have been there since the first few months it opened. 
Realistically, I don't think DSource is any different than Sourceforge 
or other such repository hosting sites. It's just smaller scale, so the 
dead projects are more visible.

As for DWT, if it's dead now it isn't the first time. Maybe it's in need 
of another resurrection?

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