First working JFace example

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Fri Apr 11 00:27:32 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Now the JFace stuff compiles with the available dwt on win/linux.
> dwt-samples/jface/ActionAndStatusbar
> is a first showcase.
> More example code as showcases and testcases is very welcome.
> Snippets can be found here:
> Due to a compiler bug (#1978), the tango collection need a fix to make 
> JFace not going into a endless loop.
> - tango.util.collection.mode.View
>   line 39  : public Dispenser!(T) duplicate();
>   change to: public View!(T) duplicate();
> - tango.util.collection.mode.Set
>   line 37 add:
>   public Set!(T) duplicate();
>   public alias duplicat dup;

I started trying to port the code from here:

I got through listings 1-3 just fine, but listing 4 which uses a 
TreeViewer seems to be crapping out over ResourceBundle not being quite 
implemented.  (dwt.dwthelpers.ResourceBundle.getBundle(char[] filename) 
just creates an empty bundle).
The problems seem to start in in dwtx/jface/resource/JFaceResources.d.

At least I think that's what's up.  Here's the output I get:

223: getViewerColumn
f:\usr\pkg\d\dmd\import\dwt-addons\dwtx\jface\viewers\ContentViewer.d 141:
f:\usr\pkg\d\dmd\import\dwt-addons\dwtx\jface\viewers\ContentViewer.d 143:
Exception occurred
Exception of type object.Exception in (0): Access Violation
Exception in (0): Access Violation
Exception occurred
Exception of type tango.core.Exception.NoSuchElementException in (0): no 
matching key
Exception in (0): no matching key
tango.core.Exception.IllegalArgumentException: Argument cannot be null


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