DWT & Tango 0.99.6 & DMD 1.029

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 28 09:20:09 PDT 2008

Bill Baxter schrieb:
> davidl wrote:
>> 在 Mon, 28 Apr 2008 08:46:50 +0800,Bill Baxter 
>> <dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com> 写道:
>>> Anyone had a chance to see if this combo works out of the box?
>>> The new DMD is supposed to fix those wrong vtable calls that were 
>>> requiring tango patches to work around.
>>> --bb
>> I would think you're the right guy to have the test ;)
> Heh.  I've just got a deadline, so no playing around with installing new 
> toys for me right now.  Next week I should be able to give it a try if 
> no one else does before then.
> --bb

I did a test on linux.
The bugfix #1978 did fix the runtime call, but the tango collection give 
now forward reference error. The workaround fixes for the #1978 are 
still necessary to fixes this new forward ref error.
I was too lazy to spent another couple of hours to create a bug report. 
Instead i commited a change to tango collections, but this was too late 
for the 0.99.6 release.

DMD 1.029 has another new problem with anonymous classes. I had 
segmentation faults in dwt/custom/TreeEditor.d line 134. This commit 
works around it:
Again i was too lazy for a bug report, sorry :/
Probably this problem exists in several places.

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