Fixes needed for dwt.DWT

Tower Ty tytower at
Mon Apr 28 15:44:36 PDT 2008

Tower  Ty Wrote:

> DWT.RIGHT and DWT.CENTER still cause segmentation faults when used.
> Also there is something wrong with selection of TableItems 
> if You use DWT.FULL_SELECTION then the full line of a table is selected 
> When you don't use it only the first cell should be selected. This doesn't happen
> Extract from SWTdocs ........ Advanced SWT Widgets 1, 2........Tutorial3 Page 3
> "The last example implements the FULL_SELECTION style, which means that when you
> select a table item, the entire item is highlighted instead of just the first field. "
Just downloaded and checked with version 26/4/08 US 4/26/08
CENTER and RIGHT still compiling but causing seg faults

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