dwt-addons rework, please test

yidabu yidabu.spam at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 16:56:51 PDT 2008

On Thu, 07 Aug 2008 15:32:48 +0200
Frank Benoit <keinfarbton at googlemail.com> wrote:

> I did a rework of the use of collections and added a new collection 
> wrapper. The new wrappers make use of the new tango.util.containers 
> instead of the prior code that used tango.util.collection directly.
> The new collection wrappers in dwtx.dwtxhelper.Collection have still 
> many unimplemented methods. If such one is called, the application is 
> terminated immediatly with a message of file and line.
> I did a few tests with examples to catch many of the unimplemented 
> methods. If you encounter such a messages
> implementation missing in file 
> ../dwt-addons/dwtx/dwtxhelper/Collection.d line 1527
> please report that so the implementation can be added quickly.
> Or if you want you can also send me patches or hg bundles :)

I tested 3 dwtx(svn) based apps, all get run time exception:

nhandled D Exception (tango.core.Exception.IllegalArgumentException
 "Argument not valid") at KERNEL32.dll (0x7c812a5b) thread(2444)
#0 ?? () at myProgram.d:38 from KERNEL32.dll
#1 0x0040a08c in __d_throw at 4 () at myProgram.d:38 from deh
#2 0x0040411e in _Dmain (args = {
  [0] = "myProgram"
}) at myProgram.d:38
#3 0x00408764 in extern (C) int dmain2.main(int, char**) . void runMain(void*) () from dmain2
#4 0x0040879b in extern (C) int dmain2.main(int, char**) . void runAll(void*) () from dmain2
#5 0x004084dc in _main () from dmain2
#6 0x00511119 in _mainCRTStartup () from constart
#7 0x7c816fd7 in ?? () from KERNEL32.dll

I'm not sure what's the problem.

yidabu <yidabu.spam at gmail.com>

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