dwt-cocoa status

Jacob Carlborg doobnet at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 04:30:36 PDT 2008

Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> Chris R. Miller wrote:
>> Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>> John Reimer wrote:
>>>> Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>>>> Read my post at the dwt porting journal
>>>>> http://www.dsource.org/projects/dwt/wiki/PortingJournal
>>>> Great going!  I suppose it would be easier if we had a more up-to-date
>>>> gdc
>>>> or equivalent on Mac.  Which Mac OS X version are you developing on, 
>>>> btw?
>>>> Oh, and thanks for adding an entry to the journal. :)
>>>> -JJR
>>> I'm developing on Mac OS X 10.5.4
>> Yay!  Let me know if I can help at all, since I'm lucky enough to have
>> Leopard as well.  I probably wouldn't be all too great at coding it, but
>> I would be happy to test things, etc.  My DSource username is LordSauron.
> If you know Cocoa then you can help to test the internals. The files you 
> need to test are the following:
> dwt.internal.c.carboncore
> dwt.internal.c.qd
> dwt.internal.cocoa.CF*
> dwt.internal.cocoa.CG*
> dwt.internal.cocoa.CI*
> dwt.internal.cocoa.gl
> dwt.internal.cocoa.IconRef
> dwt.internal.cocoa.id
> dwt.internal.cocoa.IOLLevent
> dwt.internal.cocoa.NS*
> dwt.internal.cocoa.objc_super
> dwt.internal.cocoa.OS
> dwt.internal.objc

To build you need dsss. Add this to the dsss.conf:
buildflags+=-framework Cocoa

You also need to add this to you code somewhere:
extern(C) bool NSApplicationLoad();

And call that function the first you do in main.

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