dwt learning question,please help

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 29 02:12:15 PDT 2008

Sam Hu schrieb:
> Hi Frank,
> I am realy impressed by this site's prompt response to however stupid questions raised by some newbies just like me,Thanks!
> Should I download the new updated Image.d file and overwrite the old one in dwt ?If this is true,then the sam problem:It still can not work with  the exact same exception:Array Index out of bounds.
> P.S.:I have added the import import dwt.graphics.Rectangle.

If you have downloaded the release, you can now download the latest
version of dwt-win here:
(alternatively you could use mercurial directly)

If you use DSSS to build your application, you can pass the "-full
-debug -g" option.

If you still have the same problem, .. hm.
I used the GIF from dwt-addons/res/region_shell.gif to produce the
error. Does this work?
With DDBG from http://ddbg.mainia.de/ you can run the program and get a
stacktrace to show the possition of the crash.
Therefor remove the try/catch in you main function and start the program
like this:
ddbg test.exe
then type 'r<enter' to start the program. When the crash occurs the
debugger stopps, type 'us<enter>' to get the stacktrace.


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