dwt learning question,please help

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 30 03:36:48 PDT 2008


The stacktrace is informative and shows that your example crashes in
another place than i found a problem.
Unfortunately i cannot reproduce the problem.

Can you post your 'smile.gif'? Or does that also happen for you when you
use one of the gif files from the dwt-samples/res folder?
Which OS are you running? WinXP 32 bit?
How exactly do you build your application? Do you build all directly or
using dwt libs?

I found a comment, about a crash in exactly the line your stacktrace
points to: Image.d line 679. See line 605
    * Bug in GDI+.  For some reason, Bitmap.LockBits() segment faults
    * when loading GIF files in 64-bit Windows.  The fix is to not use
    * GDI+ image loading in this case.
    if (gdip && (void*).sizeof is 8 &&
filename.toLowerCase().endsWith(".gif")) gdip = false;

Does this apply to your machine?


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