dwt and DWT

doob doobnet at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 13:50:31 PST 2008

Ty Tower wrote:
> Frank Benoit Wrote:
>> Nevertheless, if you want to give it a try you need these:
>> 1.) dmd 1.025 (not 1.026 nor 2.x)
>> 2.) install tango and check if the tango examples are working.
>> 3.) you need a build tool, not only the bare compiler. I use 'dsss' 
>> (v0.75) for all the stuff. Check if you can build tango examples with dsss.
>> 4.) Checkout the sources with mercurial (hg clone/pull/update) dwt-win 
>> or dwt-linux and the dwt-samples
>> 5.) in dwt-samples you can run "dsss build 
>> dwtexamples/helloworld/HelloWorld1.d".
>> I hope this helps.
>> Frank
> I did as above and renamed the directory dwt
> then got the samples and put them into  dwt/dwtexamples
> I tried to build them with dsss.build and got the following

I would add before 5:

in dwt-linux or dwt-win run "dsss build" and "dsss install"
then number 5. Don't rename anything.

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