DWT-Win gentle remarks

Bjoern nanali at nospam-wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 12 06:53:17 PST 2008

John Reimer schrieb:
> Bjoern wrote:
>> 1) I hope that the usergdi etc. modifications will be merged into Tango.
> We don't know how or if that will happen yet. But we definitely need to 
> fix that somehow.  Having the directory structure that we have currently 
> is suboptimal.
>> 2) Using the latest dwt snapshot requires opengl32.lib. Please add 
>> this file to the lib. download
> Right...I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. It also requires 
> glu32.lib as well.
>> 3)Do you see a chance that DWT-X will be bundled with Tango to ease 
>> installation ?
>> Bjoern
> I have no idea.  But I'm  not sure if it should.  This is a fairly large 
> library and adding all dwt platforms to the tango distribution would 
> severely bloat the download.  I think it will be important to package 
> dwt-win and dwt-linux in an easy-to-install format, however.

Good point.

> One option I'm thinking about is a sort of dsss package (making it easy 
> to install like dsss net install).  All you should have to do is 
> download the latest stable release of dwt (packaged something like 
> DD-dwt-win-vXX.zip) and install the package locally with something like 
> "dsss install DD-dwt-win-vXX.zip" which would install the *.di files and 
> library.  This would make for simple integration of the package into 
> IDE's and such.  But currently dsss does not have this feature... would 
> be kind of nice, though. ;)

I miss DLL support :)
> -JJR

DWT Scintilla.
Could we use the "old" DWT wrapper ? Just had a look and afaik there is 
not sooo much to change, io/stream, exeption and SharedLib.load.


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