Just outright stunninly confusing

Jesse Phillips jessekphillips at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 13:37:31 PST 2008

On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 15:39:03 -0500, Ty Tower wrote:

> You guys may understand what you are doing but others will not Its a
> mess and as a priority , you need to re-organise it and get it
> understandable and give clear instructions for the use of what you want
> people to use and help with
> I have 2 directories now
> dwt-linux  and
> dwt-linux -examples
> Working in the examples directory it cant find files that are in
> dwt-linux directory If these directories have to be combined in some way
> say so I've asked it before - do I have to copy anything over to get
> examples to compile?

dwt-linux and dwt-win are library projects. They require compilation into 
a library and then installation. What installation means depends on the 
platform used. Linux installation is placing the libraries into the 
appropriate system location for libraries, ie /usr/local/lib and /usr/
local/include. This process can be done by calling $ sudo dsss install. 
This will then allow projects from any location find the libraries when 
requested. There is no need for file renaming of any kind, and if this is 
how you resolve the problem then installation was not properly done.

Note that it is important to make sure tango is in fact installed 
correctly before using dwt. Also note that Frank and John have said that 
it currently is a mess and they hope to clean things up. The project is 
at very early stages of development and it is to be expected there will 
be problems. That is not to say that explaining your problems and trying 
to get help is bad, but there is no need to hurry them to making it easy 
to install when the project is still in alpha.

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