DWT-Win gentle remarks

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 18:40:06 PST 2008

doob wrote:
> John Reimer wrote:
>> Bjoern wrote:
>>> 1) I hope that the usergdi etc. modifications will be merged into Tango.
>> We don't know how or if that will happen yet. But we definitely need 
>> to fix that somehow.  Having the directory structure that we have 
>> currently is suboptimal.
>>> 2) Using the latest dwt snapshot requires opengl32.lib. Please add 
>>> this file to the lib. download
>> Right...I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. It also requires 
>> glu32.lib as well.
>>> 3)Do you see a chance that DWT-X will be bundled with Tango to ease 
>>> installation ?
>>> Bjoern
>> I have no idea.  But I'm  not sure if it should.  This is a fairly 
>> large library and adding all dwt platforms to the tango distribution 
>> would severely bloat the download.  I think it will be important to 
>> package dwt-win and dwt-linux in an easy-to-install format, however.
>> One option I'm thinking about is a sort of dsss package (making it 
>> easy to install like dsss net install).  All you should have to do is 
>> download the latest stable release of dwt (packaged something like 
>> DD-dwt-win-vXX.zip) and install the package locally with something 
>> like "dsss install DD-dwt-win-vXX.zip" which would install the *.di 
>> files and library.  This would make for simple integration of the 
>> package into IDE's and such.  But currently dsss does not have this 
>> feature... would be kind of nice, though. ;)
>> -JJR
> What about "dsss net install dwt", that is usually very simple

Yes, that is simple.  But I'd like an alternative option that can neatly 
package all the necessary content in one file for a particular version. 
  This way you can install/uninstall at whim knowing that you have the 
backup package immediately available for that version.  This is useful 
for off-line use when the net is not immediately available.

Currently, uninstalling a "net install" with dsss (I believe) does not 
backup the content.  My understanding is that you would have to download 
it all over again (Correct me if I'm wrong).  Also  I'm not sure how 
"net install" handles project versions, but I don't know of any easy way 
to install/uninstall different versions of a library (a procedure that 
might be useful for testing purposes).  Having a package, on the other 
hand, would eliminate this issue.  You can store these backups for later 
use if necessary, but not be obligated to use them once they are 


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