Just outright stunninly confusing

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 19:54:59 PST 2008

Ty Tower wrote:
> You guys may understand what you are doing but others will not
> Its a mess and as a priority , you need to re-organise it and get it understandable and give clear instructions for the use of what you want people to use and help with
> I have 2 directories now
> dwt-linux  and 
> dwt-linux -examples
> Working in the examples directory it cant find files that are in dwt-linux directory 
> If these directories have to be combined in some way say so
> I've asked it before - do I have to copy anything over to get examples to compile?

I'm not sure I'm following all that's going on here.  Have you tried 
adding "-I../dwt-linux" to your dsss command line?  If dwt-linux is 
installed using dsss, then this addition is not necessary.  But if not, 
you will need to provide the path to dsss like so:

dsss build -I../dwt-linux

This assumes five things:

1) that you want to build all the examples

2) that dsss (version 0.75) is properly installed and setup to use dmd 
(version 1.025) and tango (svn version 3152)

3) that you type this command from the dwt-linux-examples directory you made

4) that dwt-linux is in the parent directory.

5) that you haven NOT done a "dsss build dwt" and "dsss install dwt" in 
the dwt-linux directory first. (If you did the dsss "build" and 
"install" then there would be no need to go to all this trouble, but 
sometimes there are unidentified conflicts due to dsss, dmd, and tango 
being setup/installed incorrectly by the user.)

This is the trouble with trying to learn/use four different technologies 
each with the potential to be setup incorrectly.  If dmd, tango, dsss, 
and dwt were all distributed together with a valid setup, I suppose 
these things wouldn't be an issue. Tango tries to fix this sort of 
problem with its release packages which include a pre-configured 
compiler and Tango library ready-to-go.


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