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Mon Feb 11 23:15:10 PST 2008

> This assumes five things:
> 1) that you want to build all the examples
Yes I do

> 2) that dsss (version 0.75) is properly installed and setup to use dmd 
> (version 1.025) and tango (svn version 3152)
Just so

> 3) that you type this command from the dwt-linux-examples directory you made
> 4) that dwt-linux is in the parent directory.
Yes -up one  however examples is not a sub-directory of dwt-linux - Should it be?

> 5) that you haven NOT done a "dsss build dwt" and "dsss install dwt" in 
> the dwt-linux directory first. (If you did the dsss "build" and 
> "install" then there would be no need to go to all this trouble, but 
> sometimes there are unidentified conflicts due to dsss, dmd, and tango 
> being setup/installed incorrectly by the user.

I did go back and try this to no avail except I think a couple of extra files were made in dwt

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