Another dwt-win / dmd / dsss build problem

John Reimer terminal.node at
Wed Feb 13 22:35:12 PST 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> John Reimer wrote:
>> I cannot reproduce this on my system.  My Tango svn revision is 3157.
>> Just out of curiosity, why do you activate the -J switch for dmd?  It 
>> isn't necessary (unless you've customized something).
> Why? Because ControlExample.d contains many of these:
>         cast(byte[]) import( "closedFolder.gif" ),

Oops... My apologies! I haven't even looked in ControlExample.d yet. 
That'll teach me for putting my foot in my mouth.  I had a peek in 
dsss.conf, and apparently I missed seeing the -J switch.  Ironically 
enough, the images still aren't working in my current build of the 
controlexample binary.  So much for that.

>> At any rate, it does look like the age-old optlink is going berserk.  
>> It would be nice if we could get things working using an updated gdc 
>> (mingw).
> I wouldn't use it unless it consistently tracked DMD features and bug 
> fixes with a lag of no more than 3 days.
> --bb

Okay.  Not likely to happen.  Unfortunately, gdc is currently the only 
way anything will ever get ported to other platfroms besides linux and 
win32.  Because of this, I want to see things working with gdc at some 
point, though doing so may be more of a handicap than it's worth.


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