Another dwt-win / dmd / dsss build problem

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Thu Feb 14 06:24:26 PST 2008

John Reimer wrote:
> Bill Baxter wrote:
>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>> Most of this pain of mine would have been avoided if there were 
>>> working dsss.conf files included with the dwt-samples project.
>> And now I see that there is a dsss.conf at the top-level that covers 
>> all the subprojects.  Dangit!
>> --bb
> I was confused as to why you were using your own dsss.conf... But, 
> anyway, glad you figured it out.

I didn't expect a top-level dsss.conf.  Maybe I would have expected one 
inside the dwtexamples folder, but the top level of dwt-samples looks so 
disorganized that I totally didn't expect there to be a 
"one-dsss.conf-to-rule-them-all" setup.  That only makes sense to me if 
the expected way to use the samples is to compile them all at once.  But 
I don't think that's generally how people use samples.  They find one 
that's relevant or which they're curious about and compile it.  Having 
the dsss at the top level makes that more complicated because have to cd 
back and forth or specify longer path names a lot.

> Now I recall I had the same problem with dsss and forward slashes.  The 
> strange thing is that dsss reads forward slashes in the dsss.conf file 
> but not on the command line :P.  This is an example of why 
> troubleshooting gets confusing with the problems layered from several 
> technologies. I wish it were easier.

I wish Gregor used Windows.  :-)  Then it would be easier, no doubt.

> About the images in the buttons... Are they missing on yours too?  Are 
> you using Windows XP?  I haven't been able to track down the problem on 
> that yet.  It was working for me a few revisions ago, but not now.  I 
> guess I'll add a ticket.

Yep.  WinXP.  Images missing on the buttons, and toolbars.


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