DWT information, requirements and installation

Ty Tower tytower at hotmail.com.au
Fri Feb 15 12:12:10 PST 2008

Frank Benoit Wrote:

> Ty Tower schrieb:
> > I wonder how much thought you put into your posts before you type
> Ask yourself about your own postings.
> Please stay polite.
> Its really hard to help with all that weird information you give. 
> Permission problems, then you copy and rename files wildly. Sometimes 
> you use dmd directly then again dsss. Did you install the lib or not in 
> all your experiments, hm.
> Perhaps it would be good if you start all over. And describe all you do, 
> covering installation of dmd, dsss, tango. Paths, env variables and so 
> on. then about dwt and what you try to do. This would help to help you.

Err I'm thinking the same about you as to how much time you spend considering the content of the post and how much time justifying what you have done so far.

The "weird" data I give is the output of the terminal in case anybody really wants to think about it and try to suggest fixes .

I use dmd to compile the programs I am writing or at least trying to write. 

You and your colleagues suggest getting and using dsss and do not provide a traditional linux makefile for a normal make,install approach

There is nothing difficult to follow in my posts . As much info as I think people might need to answer my query is collected first and after many trys I then post it.

I have wiped the lot and redone everything from original download 3 yes three times .

I will tell you again it is a mess from an outsiders point of view and although you admit such I say again give some priority to getting clear working instructions for downloading and installing this if you want other people to come help.

The permission "problem" you mention was in one post I ommitted to change to su . Which I considered rather obvious and barely rates for a mention. If you have to mention it you are telling me you are trying to pick at my posts to justify your own inadequacy on the job . It would be far better if you are going to post back ,you read and coscider the material and post something usual. 

There is a major problem with your examples  project which I am trying to isolate . It is not my download and install ,they have gone flawlessly . The problem is in the dwt-examples which won't compile. Thats the only area left which I have not achieved.

When I get it going I can then contribute. Doobs work above is good . Jesses post indicates he had not even read the originating post above. So he went straight for my post by name . That tells me whats going on.

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