DWT information, requirements and installation

Ty Tower tytower at hotmail.com.au
Sat Feb 16 00:27:46 PST 2008

torhu Wrote:
> All the missing symbols are from DWT, since they all start with 
> '_D3dwt'.  So you need to build dwt, and then link with it.
> Or you can use dsss, which allows you to skip building dwt:
> dsss build main.d
> If everything is set up correctly, that command will compile the needed 
> dwt modules, and link them all into the executable.  That's what I do on 
> linux myself currently.

Ok torhu I have built dwt and installed it, as far as I am aware ,as I was told to.
I have compiled a small program of my own with that and received a working executeable  with that approach. 

I must look into this dsss build and the configuration files  some more and back at dwt

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