DWT project page

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 12:13:27 PST 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
>  From now on the old DWT project homepage is used also for the new port.
> The wiki there will be the only wiki used in future. The subprojects are 
> only used as a home for the hg repos.
> The old DWT still exists in the SVN repository. If there is interest to 
> continue on the old DWT, please contact John or me.

Just to clarify, the old dwt (by Shawn Liu) has been moved from trunk to 
branches/0.36 in the dwt svn repository.

That version is based on SWT 3.03; it is compilable with dmd 1.025 (and 
probably 1.026) and supports Phobos and win32 only.  There has no OpenGL 


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