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Ty Tower wrote:
> John Reimer Wrote:
>> On Linux, linking is exactly the same for static and dynamic libraries. 
>>   This is one of the advantages of the linux system.  There is no dll or 
>> import library complexity to deal with as there is on Windows.
>> The difference with the developer packages is that they usually supply 
>> both the static and dynamic libs without the postfix version numbers, 
>> They also supply the necessary C headers and documentation.
>> Some Linux distributions include the developer versions of the libraries 
>> by default.  Other distributions do not.  Ty might have to download 
>> these libs to get things working... which would explain a lot of the 
>> problems he's been having.
> My distro is Mandriva 2007 spring and I have the developer packages installed.
> As I said the libraries are there under the name of /lib/libm-2.4.so , and linked  to it is  libm.so.6
	That's from the glibc package. You must also install the
glibc-devel package. If you have, there should be a /usr/lib/libm.so
(which should be a symlink to one of the others). If this symlink is
not there, I suggest reinstalling glibc-devel.

	You might also want to try "rpm -V glibc-devel" to make sure that
your install has not been corrupted somehow.

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