Well I'm progressing -slowly

Jacob Carlborg doobnet at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 06:46:39 PST 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>> Bill Baxter wrote:
>>> Ty Tower wrote:
>>>> Nah You are missing the point here.
>>>> dmd picks up dmd.conf in linux and the libraries are pointed to by 
>>>> that file
>>>> ld picks up what it needs and they end up in the command line so the 
>>>> post is not right dmd /MyStuff/main.d
>>>> dsss build /Mystuff/main.d
>>>> both do the same No?
>>> I use windows mostly, but I can tell you emphatically that those two 
>>> absolutely do *not* do the same thing on Windows.
>>> First off, dsss build /Mysuff/main.d will just die with an error if 
>>> you haven't made a dsss.conf for it.
>>> Second, assuming you do have a dsss.conf, dsss build scans main.d for 
>>> any 'import' statements, and adds those files to the list of things 
>>> to compile and link with.  Likewise it adds the imports of those 
>>> imports, and so on recursively.
>>> 'dmd' does none of that.  It just compiles and tries to link main.d 
>>> into an executable, including a few default standard libs listed in 
>>> sc.ini.
>>> I don't know what dmd.conf is.
>>> All this is on Windows.  And I'd be surprised if it was radically 
>>> different on Linux.
>>> --bb
>> You don't need a dsss.conf file you you run dsss with the command 
>> "dsss build target", you need a dsss.conf file if you run dsss with 
>> the command "dsss build"
> Is that so?  I don't think that used to be the case...
> Oh, I see.  For that to work you have to include the ".d" in the name.
> So "dsss build target.d".  Otherwise you get "target is not described in 
> the configuration file."  You don't need the .d if the target is in a 
> dsss.conf, so I don't usually type it.
> Good to know.
> --bb

I wrote "target" and not "target.d" because you can have a directory as 
target and I assume that it also works without a dsss.conf file

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