File /etc/rebuild/ tango-posix-dmd

Ty Tower tytower at
Wed Feb 20 14:57:37 PST 2008

I find in the above file a reference to phobos which possibly should not be there. 

The file is used as the unix choice default file for /etc/rebuild/default
Or at least thats what I think happens.

it has this in it

cmd=dmd -L--start-group -lphobos $i -of$o

This is causing a conflict here and I have tried the following but something is still not right 

cmd=dmd -L--start-group -L-ltango-base-dmd -L-ltango-user-dmd -L--end-group $i -of$o
  Can anybody spot the problem or the solution ?
Is the phobos reference correct here?

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