why "dwt-linux" instead of "dwt-gtk" ?

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 21 04:37:35 PST 2008

Anders F Björklund schrieb:
> Is there anything specific to Linux in that
> DWT variant, or would it work on other Unix ?
> For instance FreeBSD and Mac OS X have support
> for running GTK+ on either X11 or even Aqua...
> --anders

SWT has these variants:
  1.) win32-win32-x86         => dwt-win
  2.) wpf-win32-x86
  3.) win32-wce_ppc-arm-j2se
  4.) win32-wce_ppc-arm-j2me
  5.) gtk-linux-x86           => dwt-linux
  6.) gtk-linux-x86_64
  7.) gtk-linux-ppc
  8.) motif-linux-x86
  9.) gtk-solaris-sparc
10.) motif-solaris-sparc
11.) photon-qnx-x86
12.) motif-aix-ppc
13.) carbon-macosx

So, the project names could have been choosen more precisely like 
dwt-win32-win32-x86 and dwt-linux-gtk-x86. But I found this a bit too 
explicit. Perhaps, if we decide to also do a WPF or 64 bit port, we have 
to rethink the project names.

If you could use the dwt-linux for anything different from Linux, i 
don't know.

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