The Cross Plattform DWT

Jacob Carlborg doobnet at
Thu Feb 21 07:10:08 PST 2008

Anders F Björklund wrote:
> doob wrote:
>> Frank Benoit wrote:
>>> doob schrieb:
>>>> This is great news and I would be happy to help. I can help testing 
>>>> both the linux and windows version. Any plans on an osx version?
>>> No plans for OSX for now. Doing this means to do the whole port 
>>> again, because OSX will use the native widget from OSX and so its 
>>> implementation is very different from the gtk/win.
>>> But, if you want to start this, you are welcome. I can assist with 
>>> some swt specific knowledge and experience how to do the porting 
>>> efficient.
>> I thought it was quite a big different between win and gtk and that it 
>> also would about be that to osx.
> One of the problems when doing native Mac OS X support for the
> other two SWT ports (DWT/3.0 and Tioport/3.2) was interfacing
> with the system headers for either of Carbon or Cocoa frameworks.
> First was converting the headers to D (either all of it, or just
> "extern" the snippets needed) and second was shipping this API
> conversion in some format that doesn't violate Apple copyrights.
> For SWT this is solved by a) using C so they can link directly
> to the system headers by #include and b) getting Apple consent.
> DWT would probably also have to solve both issues for Mac OS X ?
> wxD works around this problem by using C++ to access the system
> headers, and by not needing to ship any GUI system API interfaces.
> And besides, it just uses the wxWidgets libraries to handle that...
> --anders
> PS. Same goes for the Code::Blocks support, which also uses C++.
>     (i.e. instead of porting C::B over to D, it just extends it
>     using C++ and the Squirrel scripting language for D support)
>     Like

There's a project that is an objective-c bridge to d, I don't know how 
well it works.

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