dwt-linux: building with gdc

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Thu Feb 21 13:13:38 PST 2008

Dan Dennedy wrote:
> Although a D newb, I'm having a go at building dwt-linux with gdc. Before
> getting it to work successfully with dmd, I had a gdc-based setup, and I
> tried 'dsss build' with /etc/rebuild/default => gdc-posix-tango. It was
> getting stuck and pegging the CPU for a _long_ time, so I added the
> verbose option to the gdmd command flags. It gets stuck at 'code
> TableTreeEditor' after successfully completing semantic1-3 stages.

I was able to proceed to completion by moving dwt/custom/TableTreeEditor.d
and TreeEditor.d out of the way. I could then build all the dwt-samples and
run many of them.

Success: simple, HelloWorld*, Snippet258, Snippet41, torhu_synctest,

Segfault: ControlExample, CustomControlExample, Snippet163, Snippet189,
AddressBook (starts, but any menu item crashes)
That's the status in case you didn't know. It kinda works with gdc.

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