File /etc/rebuild/ tango-posix-dmd

Ty Tower tytower at
Thu Feb 21 13:44:43 PST 2008

John Reimer Wrote:

> Ty Tower wrote:
> > Ok I removed it and the line goes like this
> > 
> > cmd=dmd  $i -of$o
> > 
> > Did this and the bloody thing compiled instantly
> > So much for the advice here hey!
> > Not worth 2 bob
> The advice here is for dwt... not dsss, not tango.  If you get help with 
> that, bonus for you.
> Concerning the phobos entry in tango-posix-dmd, earlier versions of the 
> compiled tango core library had to be renamed libphobos.a because of a 
> compiler limitation. More recent versions of the dmd compiler added a 
> switch that allowed one to identify a core library of a different name 
> with the "-defaultlib" switch.  So naming it phobos above was and still 
> is a valid install, as long as you have actually installed tango this way.
> Furthermore, you've shown in another post that there were problems that 
> were completely unrelated to dwt but rather were due to faults in your 
> installation and system.  Throughout your many posts, you were wrong to 
> assume that it was the fault of this forum or of the members that were 
> trying to help.  Your reactions of disgust and rudeness were also wrong. 
>   The fact that those who responded to your posts answered so graciously 
> is quite amazing.
> -JJR

You will deny it to the last breath
The switch is wrong and must be changed --that means it is not right John !

Jesse's posts were ,as far as I looked into each answer, also wrong and misleading
the one relating to -lXdamage for instance. He made the statement "one problem leads to another "under his rant. That was wrong - the libraries wern't as they should be admittedly but the post was totally misleading .

If you can't stand criticism and constructive criticism at that then don't post

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