dwt-samples: my dsss.conf changes

Jesse Phillips jessekphillips at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 13:45:07 PST 2008

On Thu, 21 Feb 2008 11:36:48 -0800, Dan Dennedy wrote:

> Hi,
> I am just getting going with dwt-linux (and with only brief experience
> with D and Tango). I followed all directions, but I had to make a couple
> of small changes to dwt-samples/dsss.conf to build completely. I had to
> comment out the following.
> # The linker error work around
> version(linux){
>     buildflags+= -L-lDD-tango-util
> }
> Is that normal?
> I have no libDD-tango-util on my system. I don't have DD-tango-anything.
> I am using Tango from SVN from a checkout yesterday. And, I get no
> linker errors. Is this just for older/release Tangos?
> Secondly, I commented out
> [snippets/opengl_test1.d]
> due to something about GLCanvas. I can regenerate the exact error if you
> need it. I do have OpenGL here. Able to run glxgears, compiz, and the
> sort.
> Other than that, it seems to work fine. I ran all the examples and
> kicked the tires, and they all seem to be inflated!

Interesting you don't have DD-tango-util. The SVN version ie not Tango 
Frank, has made changes to the library structure. tango-user-dmd has been 
removed and they split the library into many DD ones. If you have the 
latest DWT then it shouldn't be able to compile with the old Tango. If 
you are using GDC it may be different. So I really don't have any help 
but that has been my understanding of the situation.

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