File /etc/rebuild/ tango-posix-dmd

John Reimer terminal.node at
Thu Feb 21 19:08:21 PST 2008

Ty Tower wrote:

> You will deny it to the last breath
> The switch is wrong and must be changed --that means it is not right John !

You don't know me, Ty, so please don't make assumptions as to what I 
will or will not do.  What I said there is that the switch has a reason 
for its existence.  Depending on how you installed Tango, it is either 
correct or incorrect.

Incidentally, it is correct for my tango installation because I still 
rename the tango lib as Phobos (I ran into problems when I used the 
"defaultlib" switch). So, your statement remains quite presumptuous and 
  reactively dogmatic.

> Jesse's posts were ,as far as I looked into each answer, also wrong and misleading
> the one relating to -lXdamage for instance. He made the statement "one problem leads to another "under his rant. That was wrong - the libraries wern't as they should be admittedly but the post was totally misleading .

If that is the case, I have to say that yours were more so.

> If you can't stand criticism and constructive criticism at that then don't post

That would be good advice for both of us perhaps?  You appear to be 
responding quite poorly to constructive criticism.  We both appear to 
like calling a spade a spade... but you appear to be entirely 
unreceptive, and, in fact, quite inflammatory to the merest suggestion 
that you might be wrong.  Wouldn't we both get further with each other 
with more gracious responses?

You know I've already admitted the shortcomings of dwt project 
instructions... we've gone out of our way to rectify the situation 
(thanks to Jacob's contribution we're moving in the right direction), so 
I'd say we have been moderately responsive to constructive criticism 
despite everybody's excessively busy schedules.


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