dwt-samples: my dsss.conf changes

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 19:15:47 PST 2008

Dan Dennedy wrote:

> Secondly, I commented out
> [snippets/opengl_test1.d]
> due to something about GLCanvas. I can regenerate the exact error if you
> need it. I do have OpenGL here. Able to run glxgears, compiz, and the sort. 
> Other than that, it seems to work fine. I ran all the examples and kicked
> the tires, and they all seem to be inflated!

The opengl test does not work on Linux yet because I haven't yet added 
DWT/Derelict support yet for Linux (it works on DWT-win, however).  ETA 
for completion of DWT-Linux opengl support is this weekend.

My local repository actually has a working OpenGL example for linux... 
but I have to modify a few more things to get Derelict support working. 
  Since Derelict has the most comprehensive interface to OpenGL, I think 
it's important to get it working with DWT, even if takes longer.

Coming soon! :)


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