The Cross Plattform DWT

John Reimer terminal.node at
Sat Jan 19 14:00:23 PST 2008

torhu wrote:

> Frank Benoit wrote:
>> Dear D community
>> We are happy to announce the new dsource projects
>> - DWT-Win
>> - DWT-Linux
> Great, I've been waiting for this!
>> Both projects will be a manual port of the SWT 3.3 with tango
>> compatibility.
> Well, let's hope tangobos can do the trick, with the help of some
> version (Tango) statements.

This might be possible, but we haven't got that far yet. :)

> Do you know anything about compatibility with the original DWT?

The original dwt was based on swt 3.02 (and win32 only).  The new versions
for linux and win32 are being ported from swt 3.3.  So, as far as
compatibility is concerned, these should be as compatible as the 3.02 and
3.3 versions of swt will be.  

Strings in original dwt were char[] instead of Java "String"... this is the
same in the new dwt ports.  Furthermore, we are adding the option of a
dynamic loader system similar to Gtkd.  This may simplify some things...
but for now it will be optional.

In summary, as far as I can tell, they old and new should look and feel much
the same, but I guess proof of this will only be evident when dwt based
software is rebuilt with new the dwt.

I particularly look forward to seeing poseidon ported to both dwt-win and
dwt-linux.  Perhaps that will be the ultimate test. :)

Incidentally, the win32 port of dwt to 3.3 has just begun... the dwt-linux
port is much further along.


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