The Cross Plattform DWT

John Reimer terminal.node at
Sun Jan 20 07:03:47 PST 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:

> Bjoern wrote:
>> Frank Benoit schrieb:
>>> Dear D community
>>> We are happy to announce the new dsource projects
>>> - DWT-Win
>>> - DWT-Linux
>>> The official SWT examples should be ported to show the functionality
>>> of the widgets.
>>> Frank
>> Just one word : Incredible.
>> Thanks !
>> Does it make sense, to port the SWT snippets ?
>> this ones :
>> I like to suggest to support /groups/ like (Tango like)
>> Bjoern
> What's the story with DWT-Win?  Is it just in planning at this stage?
> There's not much on the web dsource page.
> Also why two projects?  Won't they share most of the same source code?
> Just curious.
> --bb

Yes, the win port has just started; I have not yet committed any ported
source... No they don't share much source code (other than perhaps a few
highlevel sections).  The implementation of widgets on linux uses
gtk+/cairo, while the implementation on win32 graphics/system calls.  It's
quite a bit of work.  It would be a mess to integrate both projects into
one (using version statements).

If anyone is interested in helping please let Frank or me know.

DWT-win was announced at the same time so that people understood our intent
to support both.  We actually both started work on the Linux port first.


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