The Cross Plattform DWT

John Reimer terminal.node at
Sun Jan 20 11:51:47 PST 2008

Bjoern wrote:

> Just one word : Incredible.
> Thanks !
> Does it make sense, to port the SWT snippets ?
> this ones :
> I like to suggest to support /groups/ like (Tango like)
> Bjoern

About SWT snippets... I didn't know they existed. :)  They look like a
pretty comprehensive test of SWT functionality.  I agree that they should
be ported at some point.  Right now, I think it's best to focus on porting
the examples first.  But anybody that wants to tackle the snippets as well
would be most welcome. :)

Concerning "groups":  as far as I know, that is still experimental in Tango.
Doing something similar for dwt is quite possible.  At this point, though,
we are concentrating on the port only, and don't want to make any
fundamental additions or changes to swt. In the future, an option
like "group" should be discussed as a possible way to reduce large import
lists. We were considering the same thing in GtkD, but it doesn't look like
the idea has gained much popularity yet.


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