The Cross Plattform DWT

doob doobnet at
Mon Jan 21 02:11:14 PST 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> doob schrieb:
>> This is great news and I would be happy to help. I can help testing 
>> both the linux and windows version. Any plans on an osx version?
> No plans for OSX for now. Doing this means to do the whole port again, 
> because OSX will use the native widget from OSX and so its 
> implementation is very different from the gtk/win.
> But, if you want to start this, you are welcome. I can assist with some 
> swt specific knowledge and experience how to do the porting efficient.

I thought it was quite a big different between win and gtk and that it 
also would about be that to osx.

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