The Cross Plattform DWT

doob doobnet at
Mon Jan 21 07:18:54 PST 2008

John Reimer wrote:
> doob wrote:
>>> Yes, any help would be greatly appreciated.  Testing, of course, is 
>>> good...
>>> but if you have any expertise (especially on win32)... please let us 
>>> know.
>>> OS X would be great!  But it's way more than we can tackle at this 
>>> point. But, if you (or somebody else) is interested in doing such a 
>>> port, then
>>> Frank should be able to get you started. :)
>>> -JJR
>> Unfortunately I don't have any expertise. I think the snippets should 
>> be quite easy to port. I haven't looked at source code for the 
>> examples so I don't know about theme. As mentioned we should probably 
>> wait for the SWT Cocoa to be finished before we start to port the osx 
>> version.
>> I almost forgot JFace, may I can try to port that. What I know it's 
>> only Java and that should be easier, at lease for me.
> JFace is something we've had our eye on; so, yes, that would be great! :)

Then I try with JFace first, would be quite a lot to learn if I tried to 
port the osx version.

I haven't looked at your source code yet so what is it to think about 
when I do the port, how should I port the data types. I read that you 
use char[] instead of String, what about boolean? The previous DWT used 
boolean as an alias to int, is there anything else?

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