The Cross Plattform DWT

John Reimer terminal.node at
Tue Jan 22 18:43:16 PST 2008

BCS wrote:

> I can't seem to check it out.
> amI missing

Well, first, you need mercurial (hg) to check out the repository.

We moved away from svn because mercurial provides excellent support for 
distributed repository maintenance.

Once you have the hg package for win32, you do:

hg clone dwt-win

(where dwt-win is the name of the destination directory)

You will need to download the hg win32 port from here:

I really don't like the confusing number of choices there are mercurial 
packages for win32.  But take your pick and get it set up by following 
the instructions on that page.

For dwt-win, I should have provided information on the project wiki 
giving instructions on how to do this.  I'll try to add that information 

Also, be aware that little of the win32 port of dwt has been done yet. 
So there's not much in the repository at this point, let alone anything 
working.  If you want to lend me a hand, I'd very much appreciate it.


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